Owen Winter - heat makes honey run Cassette

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"Something quite different than the standard Jelly Music fare, it is my sincere pleasure to here present 'Heat Makes Honey Run:' a web of obsessive contentment, delusion, recovery - discovery and moving on. A linear journey. A year in time and space with one OWEN WINTER is here traced from the smug shores of Rochester, NY to the French countryside, and back again to the Genesee river valley. A drummer by trade, WINTER has been writing and arranging throughout his cognizant years. Performing with such groups as TAPEHEAD (rock) and LOVE PORK (math), he currently resides in Boston, continuing on his journey to musical and spiritual enlightenment along the eastern seaboard. Things get hot; honey, she runs. What lies here is an album of quiet duality. When things become toxic within the sanctity of home, the sweet nectar seeps forth dislodged. Losing traction, picking up speed: old avenues no longer suited for new tricks. Literary in its delivery, this is folk music at its most poignant. DONOVAN records played out to a waxy pulp, NIEL YOUNG awarded as an epithet, OWEN WINTER cultivating himself a capable storyteller: there's something from the school of Hesse to be learned here. Wander with the Steppenwolf and leave home. Pollinated, honey's bright eyes shine forth in lilac hues. Acceptance: on with the plot! Keep warm, these cold months, and play your hand well"

Reel Time Records