Harmonica Lewinski - "Naked Brunch" EP

Image of Harmonica Lewinski - "Naked Brunch" EP


Reel Time Records; RT-E004
2014; Rochester, NY (US)

Vinyl debut from Rochester ghouls, HARMONICA LEWINSKI. The 'Naked Brunch' 7" EP showcases the creepy-crawly aesthetics and drunk tank performances this Rochester quintet has come to be regionally known for. The four songs issued here are distinctly darker in tone and lyrical content than the group's earlier material, showcasing a smart approach to the wheezing garage numbers typical of these ringers. Evolving towards and channeling the sounds of '77 snot-rock and the cult sounds of groups like the CRAMPS, this literary device is made hot to order; Burroughs himself, had he lived even longer, may have been a bit confused at the nod of recognition, but would likely have approved of the equivocally scathing song titles. Another shell in the bandoleer of '77 punk, whether 'Naked Brunch' is more indicative of the beatnik or beat-off generation is for you to decide.

* Includes digital download *

500 7" on black / Issued with picture sleeve and generic Reel Time Records dust sleeve; includes printed insert