Generacion Suicida - Todo Termina lp (Euro Pressing)

Image of Generacion Suicida - Todo Termina lp (Euro Pressing)


Doomtown Records:

"Second 12" from Generacion Suicida from South Central, Los Angeles.

This time around the group brings 9 tracks of their powerful trademark sound. They play melodic, angular and catchy punk with oscillating male/female vocals creating a serrated edge of paranoia and anxiety of a modern day LA.

This is real punk; rudimentary and raw but not in a dumb way; this is eloquent and it sounds like it coulda come out of LA in 1979 or just plain yesterday. They sing solely in Spanish and remind of bands from other countries, mainly Umea, Sweden; in the Ny Vag tradition of The Vicious and Masshysteri or Copenhagen's Gorilla Angreb and No Hope For The Kids which sort of bring the sound back home to California because those Scandinavians borrowed heavily from Los Angeles’s past (late ‘70s Dangerhouse, especially). But this is not a ripoff band, not some knock off, not some imitation, not a homage or retro dress up party, this is what the group does best.

On this new 12" GS sped it up; playing it even more blistering fast and melodic, almost sounding in places like a kind of melancholic take on pogo punk. Essential.

Artwork by: Lovro Škiljić (Biblical Violence Illustrations)

This one is co-released with Trabuc Records (Spain) and Symphony of Destruction Records (France)".