Distort #46

Image of Distort #46


"I sweated on writing up the Crisis 2xLP for this issue of Distort. It is an absolute monument. Paco (La Vida Es En Mus) has presented it with confidence. It is short on information about the band, but it does provide enough to provoke the curiosity. There is something charming about the absence of an aggressive series of liner notes about what justifies these songs not being mere compressed audio files.
Paco provided me with some of the content that was rejected from the LP artwork, compiled with the intention that you would read it while listening to Crisis, that is to say, while marching. No pig sympathy.
The bulk of this issue is an extract from ‘Better Dead Than Red’, the rewritten and expanded Crisis chapter from the Death In June book MISERY AND PURITY. It resolved many questions I had about Crisis lyrics, which do not appear in any of the reissued compilations"

- Distort