Helta Skelta - Reds 7" (Reissue)

Image of Helta Skelta - Reds 7" (Reissue)


This is a US reissue of the 7" single originally released in 2013 on Helta Skelta Records. Side A's "Reds" sees the band transitioning into a more 70's punk inspired sound, with an underlying garage rock edge, guitars are bright and cleaner than previous releases. The track brings to mind a middle point between aussie garage such as The Black Diamonds and Good Vibrations era punk. Side B is an instrumental psych jam that brings things firmly back to the 60's, but is bashed out forcefully over punchy drumming; it's a bit Thirteenth Floor Elevators, sure, but it's also a bit Cosmic Psychos.

Released by Rock Bottom Records on red vinyl.