The Televisionaries - S/T lp

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"A task indeed, to take words and form meaningful sentences about a group that revels in instrumental bliss. However, it must be so; for, if there is one thing the TELEVISIONARIES have proven as 'instrumental' to their cause, it is their willingness to conquer any task set out before them, to demolish any obstacle that may impede their stampede, and cast aside any preconceptions of "style" that may devalue their credulity as a serious group playing unabashedly recreational music. With a square-jawed grimace of workmanship and an unwavering dedication to one's craft, the TELEVISIONARIES will cast aside all prerequisites of "surf music" to come. This group does not consciously align themselves with this genre or its various conventions--as so many beachless wonders have been known to do, rather the heart of this music lies in its distinct ability to exude the essence of "surf" as incidental to the group itself. Not only in their off-hours or spare time are these musicians TELEVISIONARIES, but everywhere and always they bring with them the carnival atmosphere of true Americana as only those who have but a few chances a year to travel to surf-worthy beaches and indulge in their true occupation can do. The rest of the year is spent in hard labor, be it in the name of expert entertainment and felicitous fun or hard-nosed duty to the people who still enjoy themselves as human beings. One in the same, to these ho-dads. Trevor Lake, guitarist and lead vocalist of the group, has been heard to remark "I do this for fun. I take what I do quite seriously, but I do it because it gets me off. If it's not fun, why do it?" Lest we forget, this means to an end has inspired all those who have come to indulge and participate in music at a homegrown level at the outset. There was a time. When these cats hit the stage it is instantly understood, by group and audience alike, that this is a very special occurrence in the annals of musicianship. Not cheekily, nor with daycare theatrics, a false sense of "brotherhood," nor with the necessity to institute some divisive political statement is their racket heard. Instead, this is a flagrant display of that which is most human in sentiment on an absolute base level. As the sounds of this *full length album undulate from the speakers of your transistor radio, dry-dock ipod, or favorite record machine, take a moment to consider: this is not a time-locked album of retro-surf worship--though it proudly bears the markings of the most inventive early 60's surf progressions, nor is this a strict foray into the capabilities of 21st century recording at mimicking the texture and warmth of primitive analog equipment--though it is indeed drenched in authentic full-line Fender reverb and recorded on analog tape, no, this is simply self-wrought music of the highest order: sound in vision and of the clearest intent. Debut 12" LP, proudly made available through Reel Time Records".