Beastman - Reinventing The Wheel 7"

Image of Beastman - Reinventing The Wheel 7"


"Crawling from their cave, evolutionary outcasts BEASTMAN roam the post-modern wasteland of punk rock puppetry with a sharpened blade on their 2015 7" EP, 'Reinventing the Wheel.' Hardcore? Plenty. But don't get hung up on it. Archaeological proof, these four guttural songs, that one doesn't need an index of influences, trite politics, or even a pair of drawers to throw the term around appropriately. Trying too little and too obviously to be anything other than themselves, BEASTMAN leave in their wake a befuddled mass of would-be fans. "I think I'm supposed to like this?," run the sentiments of the iCrowd. When it's time for the good ol' slam-riff, it comes forth buck naked and covered in baby oil. "This is not supposed to be a joke." Well, it's certainly no joke, but it's most definitely a laughing matter. Songs like 'See Ya Lata' are watershed moments for the group. Transcending the typical bucket list of complaints and grievances, the lyrics here are distinguished and personal. Alienating and alienated; hear the voice of individuality trapped in a world of progressive zealots, whose willingness to put their ideals to thesis always undermine their collective cause. The Beastman? He grunts in disapproval. The musicianship here is even more extreme than that featured on their 2014 self-titled cassette; rock and roll chords and breakneck speed are here synthesized in one polarizing force. "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." Music that festers under the skin, leaving no stone unturned"

- Reel Time Records