BAD TASTE / BRAIN CAR "Warzone High" b/w "Be True To Your School" 7"

Image of BAD TASTE / BRAIN CAR "Warzone High" b/w "Be True To Your School" 7"


Reel Time; RT-05
2013; Rochester, NY

"Long running drug-mutated swamp rock kings BAD TASTE present their first wax offering in a couple two tree years and by God I think it was worth the wait. From "Warzone High"s initial vocal paroxysms to the 3-piece drum set to the I'm-so-high-why's-everyone-looking-at-me aborted pick slide, all I can relate this song to is that cathartic release that's so good it ruins the next few minutes. Or next few years. Sounds like a pubescent losing his virginity to a dame or a dose. In these harrowing times of hip commodification of sacred sounds and repsycheling the same ol' scarf-clad romps for college students, this thing shoves the sorta nerves I thought record nerds didn't have any more down your throat. Reminiscent of THE KEGGS or a less timid SEEDS with that incredible power only the most resigned, brooding bands can convey. The flip side is BRAIN CAR's rendition of "Be True To Your School," a beautiful anthemic swan-song for these much loved teenage exhibitionists. Get gone with the gassers, fartface!"

- B. Gaffney, 2013


310 7" / Issued with Reel Time dust sleeve/picture sleeve

- 200 issued with Reel Time dust sleeves
- 100 issued with picture sleeves
- 10 test pressings, numbered, issued in Reel Time dust sleeves